Civil War Confederate Generals: A List

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Wikipedia often has surprising gems to help in history research. As long as the issue is not controversial, the information is generally pretty accurate.

It was a delight to discover a list of Civil War Confederate generals on their site. They are all listed in alphabetic order and many of them have portraits or photos associated with their names.

Each name is clickable so with a single click you can get more information about your favorite Civil War Confederate general. And as an added bonus, most of the images are in the public domain so  you can use them in your own works. To verify that an image is in the public domain, just click on it to get to the full sized image and read the caption below. It will give its status and if it is public domain, you can use it as you like.

That makes this wikipedia entry a great resource for researching all about your favorite Confederate Civil War generals.

You can access the page here:

Wikipedia Entry: Civil War Confederate Generals

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