15 Civil War Battles with Two Names

When we think of the battles of a war, we think of them as being identified by a single name. In the case of the Civil War, there were 15 battles that had Union names that were different than their Confederate names.

Here is the list these 15 Civil War battles and their alternate names. They are listed as their Union name followed by their Confederate name

  1. Bull Run / Manassas
  2. Logan’s Cross Roads/ Mill Springs
  3. Pittsburg Landing / Shiloh
  4. Second Bull Run / Second Manassas
  5. Antietam / Sharpsburg
  6. Stones Rives / Murfreesboro
  7. Olustee / Ocean Pond
  8. Opequan Creek / Winchester
  9. Wilson’s Creek / Oak Hills
  10. Pea Ridge / Elkhorn Tavern
  11. Fair Oaks / Seven Pines
  12. South Mountain / Boonsboro
  13. Chaplin Hills / Perryville
  14. Elk Creek / Honey Springs
  15. Sabine Cross Roads / Mansfield
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